I'm Lottie (Charlotte for those that didn't know) and I'm the name sake, creative, administrator, marketer, machine operator, packer and cuppa tea maker... I think you get the idea - I do it all, at Love Lottie. I'm a MOB (Mum of boys, 2 in fact), a wife and avid DIYer. I love art, interior design, gardening, food and good coffee. I've been a graphic designer for 17 years (wow, I'm getting old) and have run my own graphic design business for 9 of those years. In 2016 I started to feel the itch and decided I needed a change, well a tweak, with my career so from that Love Lottie was born.
I'm so lucky that I can genuinely say I'm passionate about what I do. It is my pleasure to create unique items for you. Be it for personal or business - I love it all. 
My hope for everything that leaves my studio is that you will love it as much as I've loved making it for you.
Lottie xx
Joe and Piggles - if you have ever picked something up from Lottie HQ you will have been greeted at the door by Joe. His job on the team, which he takes very seriously, is to alert me to the couriers arrival. 
If you have been in for a meeting with me you will most likely have met Piggles - known for giving customers the death stare if they sit on her office chair. She's not really much help with her habit of flicking things off my desk but I keep her on as she's great at keeping my seat warm.